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This page lists all the sound action recordings in the Social main category and provides direct links to its sound files. The other four main categories are:

Economic. Officialdom. Political. Religious.

The Social category organises its recordings into ten sub-categories. They are:

Battle Bonfire Parade 2008. Cricket and rugby. Football. Lord Mayor's Show 2008. Notting Hill Carnival 1984. Notting Hill Carnival 2008. Pub song and music. Racing. Sound art performance. Miscellaneous events.


Drumming practice. Description: Drummers from the Section 5 team practice before the parade begins. Duration: 1:44. Recorded in 2008.

High Street gathering. Description: Crowds gather in Battle High Street before the start of the parade. Duration: 1:13. Recorded in 2008.

Parade returns. Description: The bonfire parade makes its way back into the town centre. Duration: 5:35. Recorded in 2008.

Town centre parade. Description: The bonfire parade makes its first pass through Battle town centre. Duration: 6:44. Recorded in 2008.


Saracens vs South Africa. Description: The announcer introduces the two sides in the Saracens vs South Africa Tuesday night match at Wembley. Duration: 1:35. Recorded in 2009.

Souvenir scarves Wembley. Description: Rugby scarf sellers shout for custom beneath the underpass outside Wembley Park station before the match. Duration: 1:00. Recorded in 2009.


Diamond Jubilee gun salute. Description: The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery fire guns on Horseguards Parade to mark the Diamond Jubilee. Duration: 2:58. Recorded in 2012.

Diamond Jubilee Thames bells. Description: A crowd cheers as the Diamond Jubilee flotilla passes by and bells are heard ringing from the leading barge. Duration: 2:00. Recorded in 2012.


Arsenal flag sellers Drayton Park. Description: Flag sellers cry their wares before the Arsenal FA Cup victory parade along Drayton Park. Duration: 2:00. Recorded in 2014.

Arsenal victory parade Drayton Park. Description: Arsenal fans line Drayton Park to celebrate their team's FA Cup win. Duration: 6:20. Recorded in 2014.

Brentford FC fanzine seller. Description: Man sells a Brentford football fanzine at the entrance to the Griffin Park stadium. Duration: 0:35. Recorded in 2009.

Brentford vs Stockport 2nd half. Description: Crowd reaction to some tackling, chanting, and a substitution is announced. Duration: 2:08. Recorded in 2009.

Brentford vs Stockport announcement. Description: A helpful announcement gets a laugh ten minutes into the first half. Duration: 0:31. Recorded in 2009.

Charlton vs Bristol booking. Description: Charlton Athletic vs Bristol Rovers: Charlton fans chant and yell as a player is booked. Duration: 1:50. Recorded in 2009.

Charlton vs Bristol intro. Description: Stadium announcer and club anthem at the start of the Charlton Athletic vs Bristol Rovers match. Duration: 1:09. Recorded in 2009.

Chelsea vs Liverpool 1984. Description: Cheering, chanting and applause among Chelsea fans as their team plays Liverpool. Duration: 2:40. Recorded in 1984.

Come and get your Millwall flags. Description: A flag seller works his way around a crowd of Millwall fans at London Bridge station. Duration: 1:12. Recorded in 2010.

Craven Cottage across the Thames. Description: Crowd chanting and cheering as Fulham play Manchester United at Craven Cottage. Duration: 2:00. Recorded in 2010.

Hackney Marshes Sunday football. Description: Amateur football teams play on adjacent pitches at Hackney Marshes in east London. Duration: 2:15. Recorded in 2011.

Outside Millwall. Description: Fans watch and cheer outside the Millwall Den as the home team play Stockport. Duration: 1:00. Recorded in 2008.

Postmatch chants Wembley. Description: Fans chant after the England–Croatia World Cup qualifying match. Duration: 0:13. Recorded in 2009.


Lord Mayors Cubs. Description: Cub Scouts wait for the procession, blowing whistles and kazoos. Duration: 2:00. Recorded in 2008.

Lord Mayors floats. Description: Floats and marching band pass by near St Pauls Cathedral. Duration: 1:30. Recorded in 2008.

Lord Mayors Guards. Description: The procession headed by the Band of the Scots Guards. Duration: 2:00. Recorded in 2008.

Lord Mayors passing. Description: The procession passing by, recorded from a side-street off Ludgate Hill. Duration: 2:33. Recorded in 2008.

Lord Mayors setup. Description: Crash barriers are set up at Ludgate Hill along the procession route. Duration: 0:45. Recorded in 2008.


Island jam session. Description: "This was recorded in a park . . . It was just some guys doing a casual jam with people standing around." Duration: 13:04. Recorded in 1984.

Reggae DJ. Description: "This was recorded in a street . . . It was one guy with a portable DJ setup along the side of the street when people were milling around." Duration: 2:36. Recorded in 1984.


Channel One. Description: Channel One sound system plays roots and dub to a crowd of older reggae aficionados. Duration: 10:39. Recorded in 2008.

Dawn Ladbroke Grove. Description: People gather for the Jouvert parade at 6am around the north end of Ladbroke Grove. Duration: 1:00. Recorded in 2008.

Face Yaa Fear. Description: Face Yaa Fear carnival band and float go along Great Western Road. Duration: 2:14. Recorded in 2008.

Glorious Backstage Arts. Description: Glorious Backstage Arts carnival float and band in parade along the Great Western Road. Duration: 2:03. Recorded in 2008.

Jouvert. Description: Steel bands and revellers head down Ladbroke Grove. Duration: 4:02. Recorded in 2008.

Masquerade 2000. Description: Masquerade 2000 carnival float and band in parade along the Great Western Road. Duration: 2:39. Recorded in 2008.

Peoples World. Description: People's World carnival float and band in parade along Great Western Road. Duration: 4:54. Recorded in 2008.

Saxon Sound. Description: Saxon Sound play roots and dub in a side street off Ladbroke Grove. Duration: 9:55. Recorded in 2008.

Scenario. Description: Scenario sound system plays dubstep to a young crowd on Portobello Road. Duration: 7:58. Recorded in 2008.

Under the Westway. Description: Air horns, whistles and crowd hubbub under the Westway. Duration: 1:00. Recorded in 2008.


Duke of Kendal. Description: Pub regulars sing old songs round the piano at the Duke of Kendal, near Marble Arch. Duration: 2:18. Recorded in 2008.

Golden Eagle 1. Description: Pub regulars sing around a piano at the Golden Eagle, central London. Duration: 2:15. Recorded in 2008.

Golden Eagle 2. Description: More song from the Golden Eagle pub on the same evening. Duration: 4:17. Recorded in 2008.

Sir Colin Campbell 1. Description: Irish musicians play traditional music in the Sir Colin Campbell pub, Kilburn. Duration: 4:14. Recorded in 2008.

Sir Colin Campbell 2. Description: Irish musicians play traditional music in the Sir Colin Campbell pub, Kilburn. Duration: 6:25. Recorded in 2008.


Wimbledon dog race. Description: Announcer's voice and spectators' cheering at Wimbledon dog track. Duration: 3:30. Recorded in 2008.


Audible Forces 2013. Description: Sounds from three different wind-powered sound art installations at the Audible Forces event in Greenwich Park. Duration: 3:40. Recorded in 2013.

Finches installation Barbican. Description: Finches chatter and set off amplified instruments at Céleste Boursier-Mougenot's Barbican show. Duration: 1:45. Recorded in 2010.

Organ of Corti sound sculpture. Description: A resonant droning sound is heard from within the Organ of Corti sound sculpture outside St Pauls Cathedral. Duration: 0:50. Recorded in 2011.

Particle Waves Arebyte Gallery. Description: Kian Peng Ong's sound installation 'Particle Waves' at Arebyte Gallery, Hackney, east London. Duration: 2:30. Recorded in 2014.

Rubbing the Unity Stone. Description: Wet hands rub the smooth top of the Unity Stone sound sculpture, producing a hollow drone. Duration: 1:05. Recorded in 2011.

Ships opera Thames Festival. Description: Tugs, lightships and other vessels play a musical composition with their horns and whistles. Duration: 8:25. Recorded in 2013.

Tim Hunkin Novelty Automation. Description: The sounds of four arcade-style contraptions in Tim Hunkin's Novelty Automation show. Duration: 6:24. Recorded in 2015.

Westfield Stratford sound sculpture. Description: A sculpture in the Westfield Stratford shopping centre tries to evoke a sense of nature with a soundscape recording. Duration: 1:25. Recorded in 2014.


Banger race preparations. Description: Stock cars and bangers are worked on in the car park outside Wimbledon Stadium. Duration: 1:46. Recorded in 2010.

Banger race Wimbledon. Description: Brief introductory music then a banger race gets underway at Wimbledon Stadium. Duration: 2:00. Recorded in 2010.

British Legion Brockley. Description: Cadet marching band strikes up at a British Legion memorial march in Brockley. Duration: 1:12. Recorded in 2008.

Changing the Guard. Description: Two military bands leave Buckingham Palace at the close of the Changing the Guard ceremony. Duration: 3:50. Recorded in 2011.

Chinese New Year. Description: Performers sound percussion to accompany a Chinese dragon near Gerard Street. Duration: 1:31. Recorded in 2009.

Covent Garden May Fayre. Description: The Superior Brass Band start the procession at the Covent Garden May Fayre. Duration: 1:18. Recorded in 2010.

Epping Ongar Railway steam engine. Description: The 'Pitchford Hall' steam engine sounds its whistle and slowly pulls out of North Weald station. Duration: 1:20. Recorded in 2012.

Fireworks night Stockwell 1995. Description: Near and distant sounds of fireworks recorded from Albert Square, Stockwell, south London in 1995. Duration: 9:58. Recorded in 1995.

Freerunning Trafalgar Square. Description: Excitable commentators' voices and crowd cheers at a freerunning/parkour competition. Duration: 1:04. Recorded in 2009.

Guy Fawkes 2009. Description: Local residents gather on top of a hill in south-east London to see and hear the fireworks. Duration: 1:30. Recorded in 2009.

Hackney Marshes model car race. Description: Petrol-powered model cars are sent tearing round a makeshift track on Hackney Marshes. Duration: 2:00. Recorded in 2011.

Harvest festival morris dancers. Description: Morris dancers perform at the Pearly Kings and Queens harvest festival at the Guildhall, City of London. Duration: 2:55. Recorded in 2012.

Harvest festival organ. Description: Music from a Dean's fairground organ mounted in the back of van at the Pearly Kings and Queens harvest festival. Duration: 2:29. Recorded in 2012.

London Cross Country 10k. Description: Runners approach the finishing line in the London Cross Country Champs on Parliament Hill. Duration: 1:35. Recorded in 2010.

London Marathon 2011. Description: Spectators' cheers and other sounds along the route of the 2011 London Marathon in Lower Thames Street. Duration: 3:20. Recorded in 2011.

London Millenium fireworks. Description: Crowds on Blackfriars Bridge cheer as the year 2000 begins and fireworks go off. Duration: 2:00. Recorded in 2000.

Met steam 1. Description: An ex-LNER 4-6-0 blasts up Chorleywood bank with a down special during London Underground's 1998 Steam on the Met event. Duration: 1:33. Recorded in 1998.

Mr Punch Barnes. Description: A Punch and Judy man entertains children at the Barnes annual fete, south-west London. Duration: 0:50. Recorded in 2008.

Music from passing cars. Description: Friday and Saturday night drivers play music as they cruise along a rat run in south-east London. Duration: 1:11. Recorded in 2010.

New Year South Bank. Description: Crowds return from New Year celebrations on the South Bank. Duration: 3:00. Recorded in 2007.

Pub quiz night Catford. Description: A pub quiz mistress reads out the questions to the clientele of a popular southeast London pub. Duration: 3:56. Recorded in 2011.

Rollerskating Santas. Description: Around 150–200 rollerskaters head along the road through Piccadilly Circus in a Christmas-themed stunt. Duration: 2:30. Recorded in 2012.

Royal wedding street party. Description: Voices and a brief burst of music at a street party celebrating the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Duration: 1:10. Recorded in 2011.

St Georges Day Whitton 1. Description: St George's Day parade in Whitton, south-west London, with bands, morris dancers and motorcycle club. Duration: 4:56. Recorded in 2009.

St Georges Day Whitton 2. Description: Sounds of the after-parade street party in Whitton. People watch and cheer as a car is clamped and lifted onto a truck. Duration: 1:09. Recorded in 2009.

St Pancras station pianist. Description: A woman sings and plays one of the pianos meant for public use at St Pancras International train station. Duration: 1:53. Recorded in 2014.

St Patricks Day parade. Description: Sounds of marching bands and floats in the St Patrick's Day parade along Piccadilly. Duration: 6:34. Recorded in 2009.

Thames Boat Race 2010. Description: The Oxford and Cambridge crews pass Chiswick Eyot during the annual Thames Boat Race. Duration: 2:58. Recorded in 2010.

Thames Festival fireworks. Description: Bangs and shrieks of fireworks recorded close by at the 2012 Thames Festival. Duration: 2:25. Recorded in 2012.

This concludes the list of recordings in the Social category.


Economic. Officialdom. Political. Religious.


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