General London wildlife

A collection of recordings made around London of birds, mammals and insects. Special thanks to xeno canto recordist Stuart Fisher for kindly allowing many of his recordings to be included here.

Black-headed Gull Bromley-by-Bow
Canada Goose Walthamstow Reservoirs
Eurasian Coot 1 Welsh Harp Reservoir, Hendon
Eurasian Coot 2 Bow Lock
Eurasian Coot 3 Wanstead Park
Herring Gull Walthamstow Reservoirs
Lesser Black-backed Gull 2 Walthamstow Reservoirs
Mute Swan Walthamstow Reservoirs
Red-breasted Goose London Wetland Centre, Barnes
Water Rail Beddington Farm
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Eurasian Coot
Illustration from British Birds in their Haunts by Rev. C.A. Johns.

Classification: Water birds

Common name: Eurasian Coot

Scientific name: Fulica atra

Recorded by: IM Rawes

Recording date and time: 25 October 2009, 5.30pm

Location: Welsh Harp Reservoir, Hendon

Description: Calls of adult coots in the reservoir, rising in number and intensity after one coot begins chasing another. Rattling of rushes in the wind, and occasional creaks from a giant hogweed stem.

Technical guff: Stereo. Audio Technica BP 4029 mid/side mic, Fostex FR-2LE digital recorder.

Additional notes: