General London wildlife

A collection of recordings made around London of birds, mammals and insects. Special thanks to xeno canto recordist Stuart Fisher for kindly allowing many of his recordings to be included here.

Abbey Wood squirrels Lesnes Abbey Woods
Angry grey squirrel Pinner Nower Hill Pinner
Common Pipistrelle 1 Ladywell Fields
Dark Bush Cricket ultrasound Leg o' Mutton reservoir, Barnes
Daubenton’s bat sonar Leg o' Mutton reservoir, Barnes
Flying ants Rainham Rainham Marshes
Leislers bat sonar Barnes Wildlife Wetland Centre, Barnes
Nunhead foxes Near Nunhead railway station
Soprano Pipistrelle sonar Barnes Wildlife Wetland Centre, Barnes
Soprano Pipistrelle swarm Leg o' Mutton reservoir, Barnes
West Ham fox cubs West Ham cemetery
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Flying ants
Flying ant

Classification: Insects

Common name: Flying ants

Scientific name: Lasius niger

Recorded by: IM Rawes

Recording date and time: 7 August 2010, 2pm

Location: Rainham Marshes

Description: The microphone was held close to the entrance to an ants' nest in a crack in a flood defence wall made of earth. Hordes of flying ants were climbing grass stems before flying off.

Technical guff: Stereo. Audio Technica BP4029 mid-side mic and Fostex-FR-2LE digital recorder.

Additional notes: Parametric equalisation applied to remove most sound below 1kHz.