General London wildlife

A collection of recordings made around London of birds, mammals and insects. Special thanks to xeno canto recordist Stuart Fisher for kindly allowing many of his recordings to be included here.

April dawn chorus Catford Culverly Road, Catford, southeast London
April dawn chorus Hilly Fields Hilly Fields, Lewisham
April dawn chorus Sydenham Hill Sydenham Hill Wood nature reserve
Beddington dusk Beddington Farm, near Croydon
Beddington dusk May 2011 Beddington Farm, near Croydon
June dawn chorus Crayford Marshes Crayford Marshes, Slade Green
May dawn chorus Gunnersbury Gunnersbury Triangle
May dawn chorus Twickenham Marble Hill, Twickenham
October dawn Abbey Wood 1 Middle of Lesnes Abbey Woods
October dawn Abbey Wood 2 Lesnes Abbey Woods, north side
St James Park 6am August Overlooking the lake in St James's Park, near the south end.
Winter dawn Hampstead Heath Hampstead Heath
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Classification: Dawn choruses

Common name: June dawn chorus Crayford Marshes

Scientific name: n/a

Recorded by: IM Rawes

Recording date and time: 3 June 2010, 5am

Location: Crayford Marshes, Slade Green

Description: Recorded by Dartford Creek. Small birds sing all around from shrubs and hedgerows, honking of Canada Geese which fly overhead, with the whirring sound of their wings feathers audible. Constant traffic noise from the Dartford River Crossing.

Technical guff: Stereo. Audio Technica BP4025 mic and Fostex FR-2LE digital recorder. EQ applied to reduce traffic noise.

Additional notes: None.