Sound actions by category: Religious

Sound action recordings are of sounds designed to affect people, including situations where many make sounds together towards a common goal. Often they're of voices, but they also include sirens, bells, fireworks and more.

Muezzin Whitechapel The muezzin at the East London Mosque, Whitechapel, calls evening prayers. 2:12 2008
Southwark cathedral The bells at Southwark cathedral ring on Sunday morning. 2:00 2009
St Alban the Martyr bell The bell of St Alban the Martyr, parish church for Holborn, tolls for Mass on a Friday. 1:00 2010
St Clement Danes The bells of St Clement Danes, central London ringing on a Sunday morning. 1:29 2009
St Dunstans bells practice Bellringers practice on a Thursday evening at St Dunstan's, Stepney. 2:20 2010
St Magnus the Martyr The bells ring at St Magnus-the-Martyr on Lower Thames Street in the City just before 7pm. 1:00 2009
St Martins in the Fields Bells peal on a Sunday morning at St Martins-in-the-Fields, central London. 1:30 2009
St Mary le Bow peal Peal attempt by the Southwark Cathedral Guild on the bells of St Mary-le-Bow. 1:00 2012
St Pauls Cathedral 1 A brief peal of bells at St Pauls Cathedral on a Sunday morning at around 10.30am. 0:33 2009
St Pauls Cathedral 2 Main peal of bells for Sunday morning worship at St Pauls Cathedral. 1:00 2009
St Pauls Cathedral 3 Bells peal at St Pauls on a Thursday lunchtime, with a brief interlude in the middle. 2:20 2010
St Stephens Rochester Row Bells peal on Sunday morning at St Stephens, Rochester Row, central London. 1:30 2009
St Vedast The bells of St Vedast, City of London, ringing on a Sunday morning. 1:46 2009
Church service Stoke Newington Worshippers chant and ring tiny bells at a service in a Stoke Newington church. 3:36 2016
Outdoor Caribbean religious service A small group of Caribbean worshippers hold an outdoor Sunday service on Canvey Island. 3:15 2010
Southwark Cathedral organ Southwark cathedral organ recorded in front of the organ pipes on south side of the cathedral. 0:54 2012
Vespers Westminster Cathedral A male choir sings Vespers at Westminster Cathedral. 3:35 2010
Aldgate Christian singers A Gospel band perform at Petticoat Lane, east London, on a Sunday morning. 0:54 2008
Black Israelites Oxford Street Members of the Black Israelites sect proselytise by word of mouth near Oxford Circus. 1:32 2015
Christian fundamentalist Hyde Park A Christian preacher argues vigorously with his detractors at Speakers Corner on a Sunday afternoon. 2:20 2012
Christian preacher Brixton A Christian preacher evangelises to passers-by in Brixton 2:11 2009
Christian preacher Ealing A man holds forth outside Ealing Broadway station about the need to turn from sin. 2:44 2009
Christian rapper Holloway A man broadcasts a redemptive message to a busy street through the medium of rap. 1:27 2012
Christian singers Kings Cross A group of Christian men sing in a call-and-response style in front of Kings Cross station. 2:28 2017
Christian street preacher Stratford A woman paces about near one of the entrances to Stratford station as she preaches of the redemptive power of Christ. 2:54 2019
Croydon preacher Street preacher holds forth at North End, Croydon. 2:45 2005
Hare Krishnas Regent Street A small group of Hare Krishnas chant as they make their way down Regent Street. 2:37 2009
Jesus singer Liverpool Street A woman sings praises to Jesus while shaking a pair of maracas outside Liverpool Street train station. 2:10 2015
Lady in White preacher A Christian preacher at the Elephant and Castle warns of the coming end time. 1:19 2008
Night preacher Brixton By a bus stop in Brixton, a woman preacher sings and tells of the dead rising to be judged. 1:38 2009
Preacher Covent Garden A preacher at Covent Garden holds forth while youngsters make sarcastic remarks. 2:06 2008
Salvation Army Salvation Army band play 'Away in a Manger'. 1:23 2007
Scientology invite A Scientologist invites the recordist to watch a short film about 'Dianetics'. 0:14 2009
Speakers Corner preacher A preacher at Speakers Corner describes how God has turned his life around. 1:39 2008
Street preacher Uxbridge A street preacher holds forth through a small PA as he paces about outside Uxbridge tube station. 2:13 2017
Upton Park street preacher A woman paces about outside Upton Park tube station urging listeners to attend to an unspecified religious message. 2:28 2013
Wood Green religious singers A Christian proselytiser leads religious singing on the pavement in Wood Green. 1:28 2012
Battle of Karbala commemoration 1 A procession of several thousand Muslims along Park Lane commemorates the death of Mohammed's grandson at the Battle of Karbala. 3:26 2013
Battle of Karbala commemoration 2 The Battle of Karbala procession turns round on Park Lane so that women's chanting is heard on one side and men's on the other. 3:12 2013
Brockley carol singers Carol singers perform 'Away in a Manger' at a busy Christmas street market. 2:18 2010
Hare Krishna festival Drumming, chanting and cheering at a Hare Krishna festival in Trafalgar Square. 2:23 2008
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Clerkenwell Annual procession of Our Lady of Mount Carmel through Clerkenwell, with floats, singers and band. 5:19 2009
Trafalgar Square carol singers Carol singers and brass band perform 'Come All Ye Faithful'. 1:44 2009

Lady in White preacher 1:19

Classification: Religious > Proselytisers

Recording date: July 2008

Description: A Christian preacher, known locally as the 'Lady in White', stands near the shopping centre at the Elephant and Castle and warns of the coming end time. She paces up and down while preaching, and claps her hands with each change of direction. Loud traffic noise.

Technical guff: Head-worn stereo. Sonic Studios DSM-6S/EH mics and PA-3SX preamp. Edirol R09-HR digital recorder.

Recorded by: IM Rawes

Additional notes: None.