Sound actions by category: Religious

Sound action recordings are of sounds designed to affect people, including situations where many make sounds together towards a common goal. Often they're of voices, but they also include sirens, bells, fireworks and more.

Muezzin Whitechapel The muezzin at the East London Mosque, Whitechapel, calls evening prayers. 2:12 2008
Southwark cathedral The bells at Southwark cathedral ring on Sunday morning. 2:00 2009
St Alban the Martyr bell The bell of St Alban the Martyr, parish church for Holborn, tolls for Mass on a Friday. 1:00 2010
St Clement Danes The bells of St Clement Danes, central London ringing on a Sunday morning. 1:29 2009
St Dunstans bells practice Bellringers practice on a Thursday evening at St Dunstan's, Stepney. 2:20 2010
St Magnus the Martyr The bells ring at St Magnus-the-Martyr on Lower Thames Street in the City just before 7pm. 1:00 2009
St Martins in the Fields Bells peal on a Sunday morning at St Martins-in-the-Fields, central London. 1:30 2009
St Mary le Bow peal Peal attempt by the Southwark Cathedral Guild on the bells of St Mary-le-Bow. 1:00 2012
St Pauls Cathedral 1 A brief peal of bells at St Pauls Cathedral on a Sunday morning at around 10.30am. 0:33 2009
St Pauls Cathedral 2 Main peal of bells for Sunday morning worship at St Pauls Cathedral. 1:00 2009
St Pauls Cathedral 3 Bells peal at St Pauls on a Thursday lunchtime, with a brief interlude in the middle. 2:20 2010
St Stephens Rochester Row Bells peal on Sunday morning at St Stephens, Rochester Row, central London. 1:30 2009
St Vedast The bells of St Vedast, City of London, ringing on a Sunday morning. 1:46 2009
Church service Stoke Newington Worshippers chant and ring tiny bells at a service in a Stoke Newington church. 3:36 2016
Outdoor Caribbean religious service A small group of Caribbean worshippers hold an outdoor Sunday service on Canvey Island. 3:15 2010
Southwark Cathedral organ Southwark cathedral organ recorded in front of the organ pipes on south side of the cathedral. 0:54 2012
Vespers Westminster Cathedral A male choir sings Vespers at Westminster Cathedral. 3:35 2010
Aldgate Christian singers A Gospel band perform at Petticoat Lane, east London, on a Sunday morning. 0:54 2008
Black Israelites Oxford Street Members of the Black Israelites sect proselytise by word of mouth near Oxford Circus. 1:32 2015
Christian fundamentalist Hyde Park A Christian preacher argues vigorously with his detractors at Speakers Corner on a Sunday afternoon. 2:20 2012
Christian preacher Brixton A Christian preacher evangelises to passers-by in Brixton 2:11 2009
Christian preacher Ealing A man holds forth outside Ealing Broadway station about the need to turn from sin. 2:44 2009
Christian rapper Holloway A man broadcasts a redemptive message to a busy street through the medium of rap. 1:27 2012
Christian singers Kings Cross A group of Christian men sing in a call-and-response style in front of Kings Cross station. 2:28 2017
Christian street preacher Stratford A woman paces about near one of the entrances to Stratford station as she preaches of the redemptive power of Christ. 2:54 2019
Croydon preacher Street preacher holds forth at North End, Croydon. 2:45 2005
Hare Krishnas Regent Street A small group of Hare Krishnas chant as they make their way down Regent Street. 2:37 2009
Jesus singer Liverpool Street A woman sings praises to Jesus while shaking a pair of maracas outside Liverpool Street train station. 2:10 2015
Lady in White preacher A Christian preacher at the Elephant and Castle warns of the coming end time. 1:19 2008
Night preacher Brixton By a bus stop in Brixton, a woman preacher sings and tells of the dead rising to be judged. 1:38 2009
Preacher Covent Garden A preacher at Covent Garden holds forth while youngsters make sarcastic remarks. 2:06 2008
Salvation Army Salvation Army band play 'Away in a Manger'. 1:23 2007
Scientology invite A Scientologist invites the recordist to watch a short film about 'Dianetics'. 0:14 2009
Speakers Corner preacher A preacher at Speakers Corner describes how God has turned his life around. 1:39 2008
Street preacher Uxbridge A street preacher holds forth through a small PA as he paces about outside Uxbridge tube station. 2:13 2017
Upton Park street preacher A woman paces about outside Upton Park tube station urging listeners to attend to an unspecified religious message. 2:28 2013
Wood Green religious singers A Christian proselytiser leads religious singing on the pavement in Wood Green. 1:28 2012
Battle of Karbala commemoration 1 A procession of several thousand Muslims along Park Lane commemorates the death of Mohammed's grandson at the Battle of Karbala. 3:26 2013
Battle of Karbala commemoration 2 The Battle of Karbala procession turns round on Park Lane so that women's chanting is heard on one side and men's on the other. 3:12 2013
Brockley carol singers Carol singers perform 'Away in a Manger' at a busy Christmas street market. 2:18 2010
Hare Krishna festival Drumming, chanting and cheering at a Hare Krishna festival in Trafalgar Square. 2:23 2008
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Clerkenwell Annual procession of Our Lady of Mount Carmel through Clerkenwell, with floats, singers and band. 5:19 2009
Trafalgar Square carol singers Carol singers and brass band perform 'Come All Ye Faithful'. 1:44 2009
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