Sound actions by category: Political

Sound action recordings are of sounds designed to affect people, including situations where many make sounds together towards a common goal. Often they're of voices, but they also include sirens, bells, fireworks and more.

MARCH FOR THE ALTERNATIVE 2011 – by 12 Gates to the City
Anti cuts protest brass band A trade union brass band plays as part of an anti-cuts protest in central London. 1:47 2011
Protesters on the Strand Voices and samba drumming as anti-cuts protesters march through central London. 2:30 2011
Protesters pass Downing Street Anti-spending cuts protesters jeer, boo and blow horns as they pass Downing Street. 3:04 2011
Protesters pass Holborn tube Protesters chant against government spending cuts as they walk through central London. 2:18 2011
Sweeper and protest drummers A samba band plays and vuvuzelas are blown in a protest while a road sweeper works nearby. 6:17 2011
Anti child abuse march A woman with a loudhailer leads chanting on an anti-child abuse march along Piccadilly. 0:54 2008
Antiwar protestor outside Parliament An antiwar protestor with a loudhailer accuses Westminster politicians of being war criminals. 2:15 2010
Demo clash Piccadilly Circus Anti-Muslim demonstrators chant insults at a pro-Palestinian march at Piccadilly Circus. 1:32 2008
Free Kurdistan demo Wood Green Chanting and whistling from a procession of Kurdish demonstrators in Wood Green. 2:19 2011
G20 protests Demonstrators protesting against the G20 summit march north across London Bridge. 3:04 2009
Gaza demo Hyde Park Pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli chanting and left-wing proselytising at a large demonstration in Hyde Park. 3:23 2009
Iranian embassy protest Iranians protest against the Tehran regime with chanting and music in a vigil outside the Iranian embassy. 2:37 2009
Kurdish separatist demo Whitehall A crowd of Kurdish separatists chant as they occupy part of Whitehall outside Downing Street. 2:06 2014
May Day 2010 Turkish communists celebrate May Day at a rally in Clerkenwell Green. 2:40 2010
National Front Cenotaph march Members of the far-right National Front march from the Cenotaph along Whitehall on Remembrance Sunday. Contains swearing. 2:28 2012
Save our Stow Demonstrators chant in protest at the threatened closure of Walthamstow Stadium. 1:20 2008
Save Radio 6 Music Andrew Collins and Richard Herring speak at a rally protesting the threatened closure of BBC Radio 6 Music. 3:06 2010
Sri Lankan protest 2009 Tamils protest out Parliament for a ceasefire during the war in Sri Lanka. 0:23 2009
St Pauls protest camp 2011 Evening sounds of the anti-capitalist protest camp by the steps of St Pauls cathedral. 2:20 2011
Anarchy in the UK Anarchists smash windows along Tottenham Court Road, cheer each other on and evade the police. 5:47 2001
Onlookers and looters Peckham Onlookers talk excitedly as young women loot an Iceland food store in Rye Lane, Peckham. 2:10 2011
Black nationalist Hyde Park A black nationalist speaker describes President Obama as the stooge of powerful white men. 2:05 2012
Pro Israel speaker Hyde Park At Speakers Corner, a man perched on a step-ladder defends the existence of Israel. 2:25 2012

Antiwar protestor outside Parliament 2:15

Classification: Political > Demonstrations and rallies

Recording date: 5 May 2010

Description: An antiwar protestor with a loudhailer accuses Westminster politicians of being war criminals for invading Iraq. She stands among the campaigner Brian Haw's assemblage of tents and banners in Parliament Square, facing Parliament itself. Recorded from the other side of the road.

Technical guff: Head-worn stereo. Sonic Studios DSM-6S/EH mics and PA-3SX preamp, Edirol R09-HR digital recorder.

Recorded by: IM Rawes

Additional notes: None.