Sound actions by category: Political

Sound action recordings are of sounds designed to affect people, including situations where many make sounds together towards a common goal. Often they're of voices, but they also include sirens, bells, fireworks and more.

MARCH FOR THE ALTERNATIVE 2011 – by 12 Gates to the City
Anti cuts protest brass band A trade union brass band plays as part of an anti-cuts protest in central London. 1:47 2011
Protesters on the Strand Voices and samba drumming as anti-cuts protesters march through central London. 2:30 2011
Protesters pass Downing Street Anti-spending cuts protesters jeer, boo and blow horns as they pass Downing Street. 3:04 2011
Protesters pass Holborn tube Protesters chant against government spending cuts as they walk through central London. 2:18 2011
Sweeper and protest drummers A samba band plays and vuvuzelas are blown in a protest while a road sweeper works nearby. 6:17 2011
Anti child abuse march A woman with a loudhailer leads chanting on an anti-child abuse march along Piccadilly. 0:54 2008
Antiwar protestor outside Parliament An antiwar protestor with a loudhailer accuses Westminster politicians of being war criminals. 2:15 2010
Demo clash Piccadilly Circus Anti-Muslim demonstrators chant insults at a pro-Palestinian march at Piccadilly Circus. 1:32 2008
Free Kurdistan demo Wood Green Chanting and whistling from a procession of Kurdish demonstrators in Wood Green. 2:19 2011
G20 protests Demonstrators protesting against the G20 summit march north across London Bridge. 3:04 2009
Gaza demo Hyde Park Pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli chanting and left-wing proselytising at a large demonstration in Hyde Park. 3:23 2009
Iranian embassy protest Iranians protest against the Tehran regime with chanting and music in a vigil outside the Iranian embassy. 2:37 2009
Kurdish separatist demo Whitehall A crowd of Kurdish separatists chant as they occupy part of Whitehall outside Downing Street. 2:06 2014
May Day 2010 Turkish communists celebrate May Day at a rally in Clerkenwell Green. 2:40 2010
National Front Cenotaph march Members of the far-right National Front march from the Cenotaph along Whitehall on Remembrance Sunday. Contains swearing. 2:28 2012
Save our Stow Demonstrators chant in protest at the threatened closure of Walthamstow Stadium. 1:20 2008
Save Radio 6 Music Andrew Collins and Richard Herring speak at a rally protesting the threatened closure of BBC Radio 6 Music. 3:06 2010
Sri Lankan protest 2009 Tamils protest out Parliament for a ceasefire during the war in Sri Lanka. 0:23 2009
St Pauls protest camp 2011 Evening sounds of the anti-capitalist protest camp by the steps of St Pauls cathedral. 2:20 2011
Anarchy in the UK Anarchists smash windows along Tottenham Court Road, cheer each other on and evade the police. 5:47 2001
Onlookers and looters Peckham Onlookers talk excitedly as young women loot an Iceland food store in Rye Lane, Peckham. 2:10 2011
Black nationalist Hyde Park A black nationalist speaker describes President Obama as the stooge of powerful white men. 2:05 2012
Pro Israel speaker Hyde Park At Speakers Corner, a man perched on a step-ladder defends the existence of Israel. 2:25 2012

Black nationalist Hyde Park 2:05

Classification: Political > Soapbox speakers

Recording date: 28 October 2012

Description: A black nationalist speaker holds forth at Speakers Corner while surrounded by two dozen or so supporters. He describes President Obama as the stooge of powerful white men.

Technical guff: In-ear binaural stereo. Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio mics and Sony PCM-M10 recorder.

Recorded by: IM Rawes

Additional notes: None.