Sound actions by category: Economic 1

Sound action recordings are of sounds designed to affect people, including situations where many make sounds together towards a common goal. Often they're of voices, but they also include sirens, bells, fireworks and more.

Deptford car auction Auctioneer at car auction saleroom in Deptford, south-east London. 0:39 2008
Smithfield meat auction A crowd jostles and shouts outside Hart's the butcher during the Christmas Eve meat auction. 4:30 2012
Pearly Kings and Queens Society Members of the London Pearly Kings and Queens Society charity fund sing to raise money. 1:33 2010
Please help the disabled Fundraiser for a disabled charity holds forth in a distinctive style at City Thameslink station, central London. 0:59 2009
Pub charity music box A Polyphon music box plays in the Lamb pub, Holborn, to raise money for a hospital charity. 2:14 2010
Salvation Army band Croydon A Salvation Army band play 'The First Noel' in a pedestrianised shopping street in Croydon. 2:38 2010
Amusement arcade Kings Cross Sounds of fruit machines and video games machines inside an amusement arcade. 1:15 2010
Bank holiday fair Blackheath Loud music, screams, ride operators' voices and ghost train sound effects at a Blackheath funfair. 2:22 2009
Leicester Square funfair Showmen's voices at prize-winning stalls and girls' screams on a ride in the small Leicester Square funfair. 2:37 2009
London Bridge Experience A 'deathmobile' revs up and a man uses a trick guillotine to 'decapitate' kids as a lure for the London Bridge Experience. 2:05 2009
Motorcycle Wall of Death Fairground motorcycle stunt riders hurtle round inside a wooden drum-like structure called the 'Wall of Death'. 7:13 2012
Steam fair Hersham 1950s rock'n'roll and barrel organ music at Carter's Steam Fair in Hersham, Surrey. 1:27 2008
Winter Wonderland Hyde Park A clattering fairground ride whisks people along a convoluted track high above Hyde Park. 1:00 2012
Beggar London Bridge A beggar near London Bridge station asks quietly for some spare change. 0:16 2009
Child accordionist Romanian gypsy child plays an accordion to collect money from Underground passengers. 1:37 2008
Croydon beggar A female beggar sits on the pavement near West Croydon station and asks for money for a cup of tea. 0:15 2009
Joke telling beggar Camden A beggar tells jokes to drinkers in Camden to raise money. Contains swearing. 1:15 2010
Park Lane beggar An elderly beggar sits in an underpass beneath Park Lane and politely asks for money. 0:27 2009
Penny whistle beggar A beggar sits by a pair of hole-in-the-wall cash machines and plays the penny whistle. 1:00 2010
Singing beggar Drury Lane Brief recording of a beggar singing to the recordist in Drury Lane at night. 0:26 2010
Spare change A man begs for spare change in an underpass near Charing Cross station. 0:39 2009
Three card trick Hustlers off Brick Lane, east London, run a three-card-trick pitch. 0:22 2008
Walthamstow cigarette beggar Outside Walthamstow Central station, a beggar cadges a cigarette. 0:25 2012
Wembley touts Ticket touts at the England vs USA World Cup game at Wembley. 0:57 2008
Brick Lane traders Traders' cries at Brick Lane market, East London, on a Sunday lunchtime. Contains swearing. 2:41 2008
Columbia Road Street traders' cries at Columbia Road flower market, east London. 1:34 2008
East Street cheapjack 1 Cheapjack trader sells household goods at East Street market, South London. Good banter. 1:55 2008
East Street cheapjack 2 Cheapjack trader at East Street market on a Saturday, selling household items. 2:12 2008
Lewisham market traders Market traders' cries for fruit, veg and flowers at Lewisham street market, south-east London. 1:24 2009
Petticoat Lane traders Stallholders' cries at Petticoat Lane clothes market. 2:20 2008
Romford traders Traders' cries at Romford market, mostly for fruit and veg. 1:50 2008
Strawberry seller Wood Green A street trader raises his cry as he sells punnets of strawberries on Wood Green High Road. 1:48 2015
The original magnetic bracelet Market criers touting their wares at Sunday's Petticoat Lane market in London. 5:34 2005
Tooting market traders Traders' cries from stalls on Tooting High Street selling fruit and veg. 0:42 2011
Walthamstow market Street traders' and shopkeepers' cries at Walthamstow market, north-east London. 1:58 2008
Wembley cheapjack 'Cheapjack' trader at Wembley market hawks electrical goods from his stall to a crowd of onlookers. 2:06 2008
Wembley demonstrator Product demonstrator at Wembley market promotes a versatile vegetable slicer. 1:25 2008
Whitechapel trader Clothes trader repeats his cry in Whitechapel High Street. 0:23 2006
Woolwich market Fruit and veg sellers cry their wares at Woolwich market on a Thursday lunchtime. 0:40 2009

Pub charity music box 2:14

Filename: Pub charity music box

Duration: 2:14

Classification: Economic > Charity and fundraising

Recorded by: IM Rawes

Recording date: 1 May 2010

Description: A barmaid at the Lamb pub in Lamb's Conduit Street, Holborn, switches on an old Polyphon music box after a donation is put in a hospital charity collecting tin. The music box uses a revolving metal disk with holes punched in it to play the tunes 'Danse Parisienne' and 'March Militaire'. Occasional clacks from flexing of the metal disk, voices of pub customers.

Technical guff: Head-worn stereo. 2 x MM-HLSO/Sennheiser MKE-2 mics and Edirol R09-HR digital recorder.

Additional notes: Thanks to Nick Hamilton, who spotted the music box in the corner of the pub.