Sound actions by category: Economic 1

Sound action recordings are of sounds designed to affect people, including situations where many make sounds together towards a common goal. Often they're of voices, but they also include sirens, bells, fireworks and more.

Deptford car auction Auctioneer at car auction saleroom in Deptford, south-east London. 0:39 2008
Smithfield meat auction A crowd jostles and shouts outside Hart's the butcher during the Christmas Eve meat auction. 4:30 2012
Pearly Kings and Queens Society Members of the London Pearly Kings and Queens Society charity fund sing to raise money. 1:33 2010
Please help the disabled Fundraiser for a disabled charity holds forth in a distinctive style at City Thameslink station, central London. 0:59 2009
Pub charity music box A Polyphon music box plays in the Lamb pub, Holborn, to raise money for a hospital charity. 2:14 2010
Salvation Army band Croydon A Salvation Army band play 'The First Noel' in a pedestrianised shopping street in Croydon. 2:38 2010
Amusement arcade Kings Cross Sounds of fruit machines and video games machines inside an amusement arcade. 1:15 2010
Bank holiday fair Blackheath Loud music, screams, ride operators' voices and ghost train sound effects at a Blackheath funfair. 2:22 2009
Leicester Square funfair Showmen's voices at prize-winning stalls and girls' screams on a ride in the small Leicester Square funfair. 2:37 2009
London Bridge Experience A 'deathmobile' revs up and a man uses a trick guillotine to 'decapitate' kids as a lure for the London Bridge Experience. 2:05 2009
Motorcycle Wall of Death Fairground motorcycle stunt riders hurtle round inside a wooden drum-like structure called the 'Wall of Death'. 7:13 2012
Steam fair Hersham 1950s rock'n'roll and barrel organ music at Carter's Steam Fair in Hersham, Surrey. 1:27 2008
Winter Wonderland Hyde Park A clattering fairground ride whisks people along a convoluted track high above Hyde Park. 1:00 2012
Beggar London Bridge A beggar near London Bridge station asks quietly for some spare change. 0:16 2009
Child accordionist Romanian gypsy child plays an accordion to collect money from Underground passengers. 1:37 2008
Croydon beggar A female beggar sits on the pavement near West Croydon station and asks for money for a cup of tea. 0:15 2009
Joke telling beggar Camden A beggar tells jokes to drinkers in Camden to raise money. Contains swearing. 1:15 2010
Park Lane beggar An elderly beggar sits in an underpass beneath Park Lane and politely asks for money. 0:27 2009
Penny whistle beggar A beggar sits by a pair of hole-in-the-wall cash machines and plays the penny whistle. 1:00 2010
Singing beggar Drury Lane Brief recording of a beggar singing to the recordist in Drury Lane at night. 0:26 2010
Spare change A man begs for spare change in an underpass near Charing Cross station. 0:39 2009
Three card trick Hustlers off Brick Lane, east London, run a three-card-trick pitch. 0:22 2008
Walthamstow cigarette beggar Outside Walthamstow Central station, a beggar cadges a cigarette. 0:25 2012
Wembley touts Ticket touts at the England vs USA World Cup game at Wembley. 0:57 2008
Brick Lane traders Traders' cries at Brick Lane market, East London, on a Sunday lunchtime. Contains swearing. 2:41 2008
Columbia Road Street traders' cries at Columbia Road flower market, east London. 1:34 2008
East Street cheapjack 1 Cheapjack trader sells household goods at East Street market, South London. Good banter. 1:55 2008
East Street cheapjack 2 Cheapjack trader at East Street market on a Saturday, selling household items. 2:12 2008
Lewisham market traders Market traders' cries for fruit, veg and flowers at Lewisham street market, south-east London. 1:24 2009
Petticoat Lane traders Stallholders' cries at Petticoat Lane clothes market. 2:20 2008
Romford traders Traders' cries at Romford market, mostly for fruit and veg. 1:50 2008
Strawberry seller Wood Green A street trader raises his cry as he sells punnets of strawberries on Wood Green High Road. 1:48 2015
The original magnetic bracelet Market criers touting their wares at Sunday's Petticoat Lane market in London. 5:34 2005
Tooting market traders Traders' cries from stalls on Tooting High Street selling fruit and veg. 0:42 2011
Walthamstow market Street traders' and shopkeepers' cries at Walthamstow market, north-east London. 1:58 2008
Wembley cheapjack 'Cheapjack' trader at Wembley market hawks electrical goods from his stall to a crowd of onlookers. 2:06 2008
Wembley demonstrator Product demonstrator at Wembley market promotes a versatile vegetable slicer. 1:25 2008
Whitechapel trader Clothes trader repeats his cry in Whitechapel High Street. 0:23 2006
Woolwich market Fruit and veg sellers cry their wares at Woolwich market on a Thursday lunchtime. 0:40 2009

Joke telling beggar Camden 1:15

Filename: Joke telling beggar Camden

Duration: 1:15

Classification: Economic > Hustlers and beggars

Recorded by: IM Rawes

Recording date: 11 December 2010

Description: An elderly beggar tells jokes to outdoor drinkers at Camden Lock to raise money. Contains swearing.

Technical guff: Head-worn stereo. 2 x Shure WL-183 mics and Edirol R09-HR digital recorder.

Additional notes: None.