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07 July 2015

Website spring-cleaning

YOU’RE SUPPOSED to redecorate your home every five years, according to popular wisdom which probably emanates from Dulux’s marketing department. Websites, however, do indeed show their age quickly.

I mourn the end of simpler times when anyone could put up a site about UFOs from Antarctica and, with a cheap program like HoTMetaL, stamp their personality on it by sticking pink text over an acid-green background. More grounded individuals could produce hobby websites rivalling those of big organisations in their design and functioning. That’s become harder to do for all kinds of reasons: commercialisation, mobile devices, the carousel of technical advances and user expectations.

That said, I was starting to get fed up with aspects of the London Sound Survey’s appearance and so have spent the past fortnight rejigging the dozens of templates which make up the site. The new look is slightly wider and hopefully less claustrophobic than before. Each page now has a more extensive range of navigation links and better access to the text-only versions for blind and visually-impaired visitors. An obsolete plugin has been stripped out of several sections, making audio playback more reliable.

Later this year I’ll be making a big change to the site’s content management system. In the long run this should pave the way for some new features.