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31 May 2011

Two years old today

THE LONDON SOUND Survey has now been online for two years. Time for the annual self-criticism session.

The site visitor stats seem healthy enough, but it’s a bit like counting the number of people who might look at your house as they go past in the street. Much more rewarding has been getting in touch with people with their own interests and projects, like Alasdair Pettinger at the Scottish Music Centre, and Ed Alexander who runs fromZtoA.

A guestbook might be worth adding to the site, given the obscure subjects of some of the blog posts. Some work needs done elsewhere too. One criticism has been that the home page has too much on it, but I’m not so sure. Minimalism in site design is a matter of taste rather than an objective virtue.

However, the wildlife section is the weakest on the site with an awkward-looking page layout. This year will see a new section that will eventually absorb the wildlife recordings into a bigger theme. It’s going to take a lot of work but should be worth it.

Progress has also just been made in getting permission to use some old sound recordings, so expect news on that in due course. It all helps keep me out of trouble.