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18 May 2013

These Are The Good Times album cover

HERE’S A LOOK at the cover of the forthcoming London Sound Survey vinyl LP. Nick Hamilton of Vittelli Records and myself spent a Saturday afternoon on the Old Kent Road taking the pigeon photos.

I had to lie on the pavement with the camera while Nick stood guard and topped up the box from time to time with more fried chicken, which the pigeons couldn’t get enough of. I had been hoping to snap two or more of them doing a tug-of-war over a chicken bone, but you can’t have everything you want in this life.

London Sound Survey LP cover

The album is away being pressed right now on 180-gram vinyl, so it’ll feel as good and substantial to handle as its twenty-two tracks will be to listen to.

The reverse side of the cover looks like an old-school LP with a track listing and two short essays, one by me and the other by Ed Baxter, station manager of Resonance FM, who’s written his piece in a personal capacity.

So what’s ‘These Are The Good Times’ mean anyway? Is it supposed to be ironic or something? You’ll have to be patient and get your hands on a copy to find out. Release is due for the latter half of June.