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04 December 2014

Thanks to everyone at the Marlborough and the Social

LAST MONTH I did a couple more play-and-tell evenings under the banner ‘London’s Lost Worlds of Sound’: one at the Marlborough in Brighton and the other at The Social in London’s West End.

It’s always very encouraging to know I’m not the only person who gets excited about old field recordings, so many thanks indeed to everyone who came along. As has now become custom, I took a picture of the audience at the end of each show. Here’s the Brighton contingent:

Audience at the Marlborough pub and theatre in Brighton

. . . and some old and new faces at The Social:

Audience at The Social bar in London

Special thanks to Sarah Angliss for organising things in Brighton and to Carl Gosling of The Social.

I love talking on the subject of old recordings but it’s particularly rewarding getting to talk with people in the audience. Among other things, I learned that scaffolders used to have the habit of quickly warming up scaffolding poles with blowtorches, and this caused the poles to make a hollow droning sound.

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