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22 December 2011

Thanks, Londonist

DURING THE SECOND half of this year the London Sound Survey has been getting between eight and nine thousand different visitors a month. At least AW Stats says so, and it has the advantage of excluding visits by webcrawlers and bots from the totals.

As of today, there have been around thirteen thousand different visitors since the start of December. Each visitor or, strictly speaking, each one coming from a unique IP address, has been looking at an average of seven pages and listening to two sound files. The most popular blogs will likely get that amount of visitors in a day, but for a niche interest website like this one, it’s encouraging.

Thanks for this recent surge in interest must go to Matt Brown of the Londonist website. It’s like an online version of how Time Out used to be when it was aimed at people who actually live, work and enjoy themselves in London, rather than chasing the tourist market as it seems to do now. Every day there’s something useful, interesting or entertaining to read in the Londonist.

I was really bowled over by the enthusiastic write-up Matt gave to the London Waterways soundmap in this article. Thanks Matt, and thanks to everyone else who’s been talking about it on Twitter, visiting the site, and sending messages via the Say Hello page.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.