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16 January 2020

Street Cries: January 2020 addition

BACK ON track with building Street Cries of the World, thanks to buying new book-scanning OCR software which saves a lot of time.

The latest addition is Paris Qui Crie, published in 1890 with around thirty different street sellers illustrated and described.

Le Tondeur de Chiens

Parisian literature on street cries extends back as far as the Dictionarius of John of Garlande, written around 1225. (The earliest description of what might be London street cries is in William Langland’s Piers Plowman from the late 14th century.)

Many of the trades shown are the same or similar to those in London, but you get the sense that things were maybe a little bit more refined in Paris, as with the cocoa seller and his ornate drink-dispensing backpack, or the itinerant dog-groomer, pictured above in Paris Qui Crie.