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11 August 2013

Quiet please #1: Lincoln's Inn

THE CITY OF London is usually thought of as a financial district but it also has a large legal enclave around and to the west of Ludgate Circus.

The Inns of Court and barristers’ chambers suggest continuity with the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, in architecture as much as the educational paths of many of their inhabitants. Perhaps the importance of precedent in law adds to a culturally conservative brake on the development of modern office blocks there.

Lincoln’s Inn is one of the most attractive parts of the legal City. Anyone can walk in during the daytime, although the surroundings may give you the impression that you’re only there on sufferance. On a wall is this sign warning potential noisemakers to behave themselves:

Photo of anti-noise notice on a wall in Lincoln's Inn, Holborn

This must be one of the most authoritative anti-noise notices around. Not only will you do as you’re told, but so will the porters and the police. I’m now keeping an eye out for other examples of similar signage around London. Any tip-offs will be very gratefully received.