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15 July 2011

Rustic sounds with the new headworn DPA 2006C mic set-up

OUT NEAR CAMBRIDGE last weekend, thinking there’d be a good opportunity to test the DPA 2006C mics in quiet surroundings now all the bits for the new headworn stereo set-up are in place. But things rarely turn out quite the way you expect, and there wasn’t much peace in the countryside:

The lipstick-tube-sized DPA mics were attached by jubilee clips to the headband from a set of Beyerdynamic headphones. Luckily this can be bought as a spare part. With a Sound Devices MixPre-D preamp and a Sony PCM M10 recorder it’s an easy-to-use and very portable arrangement. The mics are covered with Rycote shotgun foams as a matter of course and Rycote furries can be added on top. This gives some protection from wind noise, although not as good as that provided by a blimp.

There’s some slight background hiss and it’d be good to identify where that was coming from. Other drawback: wearing the mics with the furries makes you look like a black-haired Noddy Holder.