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04 December 2010

Sound and history: new site section preview

LATER THAN PROMISED, but here’s a preview of the new site section which is going to bring together all the different recording types.

You can see a good deal more than that if you start exploring on this London map page for the Waterloo and City districts.

Use the little mosaic map of London in the top right-hand corner to inspect other areas. Every map square has both modern OpenStreetMap and mid-1930s Land Utilisation Survey views, and many are also covered by Booth’s London Poverty map of 1898-99. The Ordnance Survey First Series from the early 19th century will be in place before Christmas, with one or two more layers to follow early in the New Year.

Sounds are only available right now for the Waterloo and City square and its West End neighbour. It’s been time-consuming putting all this together, and there’s a lot more work ahead, but I’m fairly pleased with the results so far. Any comments, criticisms or other feedback would be very welcome.