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10 September 2011

New recordings in from Sam Appleby and Craig Barrett

A COUPLE OF good recordings were recently shared with this site via the easy-to-use SoundCloud DropBox. It never sleeps and it’s always hungry for more, just like Ryan Giggs.

Sound designer Craig Barrett made this wonderful recording of the dawn chorus last May in Marble Hill, Twickenham:

Craig recorded it at four in the morning, which shows what rewards are in store for soundhunters who can either get up that early or stay up that late. Allow me to draw your attention to his Tumblr Soundblog while we’re about it.

Sam Appleby, who earlier shared a recording from Battersea Park, uploaded this busy industrial scene. It was captured along the Grand Union Canal by the railway yards at Old Oak Common, west London:

Many thanks Sam and Craig, those are both very welcome additions to the Survey.