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25 January 2011

New uses for old London maps

QUITE A FEW people seem to be beating a path to the new all-in-one London Map. Just as well, since the map scans cost a small fortune.

If you’re a hobbyist of modest means then it’s a good idea to wring the most out of what resources you have. In the spirit of finding a use for every part of the cow, a new sub-section is being built presenting the historical maps through Zoomify viewers. Here’s a working example below (the finished ones will be bigger):

It works well in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, but less so in Firefox. If you’re using that last browser, and hit the full-screen button on the far right-hand side of the viewer’s toolbar, then you’ll find not everything works as it should.

Navigation is limited to using your keyboard arrow keys to move around and the mouse-wheel to zoom in and out. The ‘click to activate . . .’ prompt in the middle of the screen won’t go away either. There’s a reason for all this involving Flash and Firefox which is too boring to go into here.

The beautiful scans of the Booth Poverty Map in particular, kindly made available by the London School of Economics, are endlessly fascinating. All the maps should be up in their new guise within the next few days.