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16 October 2012

MacFerret listens to London

THREE RECORDINGS HAVE arrived at the London Sound Survey’s Soundcloud account courtesy of Aberdonian recordist Peter Jeffels, a.k.a. MacFerret.

Last month he made a flying visit to London and fortunately came equipped with an Olympus LS3 recorder and some Soundman binaural mics. He made this recording, using the LS3’s internal mics, of the organ at Southwark Cathedral:

One of the more acoustically interesting walking routes in central London is to start at Villiers Street by Charing Cross, head over the Hungerford Bridge to the South Bank, and then continue eastwards along the Thames. At Hungerford Bridge Peter recorded a busker playing the mandolin, with the pops and bangs of a firework display in the background:

Fountains generally don’t make good subjects for field recording. The constant and unpredictable changes in the water’s form look beguiling and can raise hopes that, somehow, the sounds produced must also hold the attention. In fact, all that’s usually captured is a slab of broadband noise.

When the fountain stops and starts, though, and other sounds in the environment can be heard, the results become more interesting. Here Peter was recording by the fountains in Battersea Park:

Peter writes that he’s due back in London in December and will be aiming to get some more recordings made. I look forward to hearing them and, in the meantime, thanks very much for sharing these sounds.