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18 June 2013

London Sound Survey LP progress report

NICK HAMILTON AND myself received a batch of six test pressings a couple of weeks ago for the forthcoming London Sound Survey vinyl LP, titled These Are The Good Times.

The quality wasn’t up to much with very noticeable clicks and pops all in the same places on every test pressing. The volume levels were also very low across all the tracks. We’re not exactly aiming for the ket-heads and nitrous oxide gulpers of the gabba squat-rave scene, but even so the listening experience was more like a seance. Was there anyone there? Hard to tell.

We’ve told Disc Manufacturing Services about these problems and are awaiting a new set of test pressings. I’ve seen proofs of the sleeve artwork and they look fine.

Quite a few people have now expressed an interest in the LP and want to know when they can get their hands on one. If all goes well, the release should be around late September. Thanks for your patience.