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06 June 2011

The London Sound Survey at SoundFjord, 12th June

TIME TO DUST down the Oyster card and make sure there’s nothing embarrassing on the memory stick. I’ve been invited by Helen Frosi to give a talk at the SoundFjord gallery in north London.

It’s on Sunday the 12th of June from 7 to 9pm. Doors open at 6.40pm, so if you get there early you can sit through my special London Sound Survey video testcard, complete with appropriate background music. But I won’t just be playing my own sounds, there’s plenty of interesting stuff lined up that you won’t have heard anywhere else. Price of admission: £2.

That’s cheaper than a packet of ten fake ‘Richmond’ cigarettes sold by the man with the holdall outside Seven Sisters tube which, by happy coincidence, is the nearest stop for SoundFjord.

Helen is doing a great job building up SoundFjord’s roster of events and exhibitions, so come along and help make it a busy evening.