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11 June 2012

Hello to Wire magazine readers

A WARM WELCOME to Wire magazine readers who might have found their way to this site thanks to Nathan Budzinski’s interview with me in the current issue.

Nathan’s done a decent job of editing the interview. We sat and talked outside The Boot pub near Kings Cross. He’s compressed the conversation whilst sticking to its chronological order, beginning at zero pints and ending at around three or four pints, on my part at least.

Thanks also to the photographer Ben McMahon, who was good company on a day spent visiting the Ace Cafe, the North Circular, and the windswept Albert Basin in the Docklands, where I was able to make this recording:

The magazine has wisely stuck to using a very long shot of me standing by the North Circular. Wire is one of the dwindling number of magazines to have really attractive layouts, the sort you’d like to keep copies of lying around your home within easy reach. Best to go for the print-plus-electronic subscription, not just the electronic one.

The main theme of the latest issue is bass, and there’s some good intelligent writing from David Toop, Will Montgomery and others.