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02 November 2009

Genghis Attenborough rides again

OFFERS OF MONEY and the lifestyle of a Mediterranean playboy are all well and good, but what London Sound Survey really craves is your sound recordings. You can send them easily via the Soundcloud DropBox.

So getting three sound files last weekend from recordist Stuart Fisher (or Genghis Attenborough as he’s known elsewhere) was like Christmas coming early. The wildlife section here wouldn’t exist without Stuart’s work, and among the three is this superb recording of a blackbird’s alarm calls:

The train lines spanning bridges and viaducts all around Waterloo station dominate the surroundings with the rumblings of their cargoes and the squealing and grinding of wheels. This recording captures the feel of the area:

Remember your first cigarette (cough!), your first kiss (smack!) or your first broken heart (crack!)? They probably happened in an alleyway. These overlooked little lanes are like the city’s lymph system, and whether surburban or in the city centre, they have their own distinctive auditory scenes. Stuart’s recording from one near Manor Park brings to mind the smell of damp earth and vegetation: