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22 March 2010

Finch sound art at the Barbican

IF YOU HAVEN’T yet been, it’s worth checking out Céleste Boursier-Mougenot’s sound art installation at the Barbican. It’s the one with the finches ‘playing’ amplified guitars and cymbals.

The finches go about their affairs in fast-forward. They pluck grass stems to make half-hearted nests on the guitars’ fretboards, or huddle together briefly before going their separate ways. They seem self-absorbed, like Londoners.

They’re semi-tame and don’t mind the presence of people, although I never saw a bird land on anyone. The finches are as mindful of us as we are of the passing of clouds.

Here’s a recording made this afternoon:

At every step there are creaks from the wooden decking that’s been laid down. Perhaps it’s to get visitors to wander around slowly and carefully. The event is on until late May, and it’s free to get in – more details here.