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04 October 2011

Your recordings from Embankment and Dalston

TWO MORE RECORDINGS have arrived via the London Sound Survey dropbox.

Chris, who’s already shared three recordings from last year’s volcanic curfew on flights over London, has captured the sounds of a tube train arriving at and departing from Embankment station, plus platform announcements. Many Londoners are fascinated by the Underground system and it works its way into our dreams and earliest memories.

To a child, the train’s approach might be imagined with pleasureable fear as like a dragon rushing from the sooty blackness of its den. But it doesn’t last long. Doors open and familiar announcements are played; the regularity of city life can’t be escaped.

Shane, a.k.a. thehandthatclaps on SoundCloud, recorded an 11-minute slice of street life while hanging around one lunchtime outside Dalston Kingsland station in east London. It’s only the second smartphone recording to make its way onto this site. The clarity’s good and there’s plenty of activity going on.

Londoners must give up more of their lives to enforced loitering than anyone else in the country. If you’ve got a recorder, you can put some of that time to good use. Shane’s got more recordings from London and India on his SoundCloud page at the thehandthatclaps – check ‘em out.