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19 July 2013

All systems go

SOME GOOD NEWS on the LP front. Me and Nick got the second batch of test pressings recently and they sounded just fine.

We’ve given the go-ahead for the initial run to be pressed and we may have them by late August. But expect the official release to be in September, as there’s no point in having it sooner while potential buyers might be away on holiday.

A whole bunch of site sections are under development in the background, online but not get-at-able until they’re ready. At the moment I’m beavering away on the pages for the demographic recordings project, now titled 12 Tones of London. The first batch of recordings for all twelve council wards is now complete.

Also rattling along the pipeline is the start of a new series of sounds and photos of some of London’s more grotty places to stay, plus a presentation of recordings made at, in and under Tower Bridge.

Media whore corner: I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago by Clive Thompson of Wired magazine so there might be something on the London Sound Survey in their next issue.