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23 December 2009

A new website feature

OVER A HUNDRED short videos have now been added to the London Sound Survey YouTube channel, where they get a small dribble of views.

As mentioned in an earlier post here, each plays one of the site’s sound recordings, with a red bar creeping in time across a spectrogram plot.

Admit it, I mean, alright, so people will say that sounds boring – the one on YouTube of the hamster stuffing all the food into its face was better – give you that, people want a bit more action, agree with that, but anyway now the sounds are appearing there, they can also be worked into this site.

Nearly all the sound recordings on this page now have a link under the Flash player which allows its associated video to open in the middle of the page in a fancy ‘modal’ style. For example, Blackheath funfair. Hopefully by the end of January there will be one for the majority of recordings, excluding those covered by other people’s Creative Commons licenses.

In the meantime, have a very merry Christmas.