Historical references to London's sounds

A database of several hundred historical descriptions and references to London's sounds. They're drawn mainly from primary sources such as autobiographies, diaries and statutes, as well as novels written around the times they depict.

11th to
16th to
18th Early
 Pub life, music and song   1 3     1 5 3
 City-wide celebrations     3 2   3 3  
 Toasts, dinners and feasts     2 1       1
 Theatre and cinema audiences     2 1 1 1    
 Music and song in theatres     2 2   2    
 Public music and song outdoors     3   1 4    
 Education: Oratory and debate   1            
 Gambling and fairs     1 1 1 2 1  
 Sporting events   1 1 1 1      
 Families at leisure             1  
 Dancing             1  
 Local celebrations           1   1

Period referred to: 1562

Sound category: Social > Sporting events

Title of work: A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster

Type of publication: City guide/history

Author: John Strype

Year of publication: 1720

Page/volume number: Book 1, Chapter 5

An Elizabethan fox hunt ends near the City walls

These Conduits used to be in former times visited: And particularly, on the 18th of Sept. 1562. the Lord Maior [Harper] Aldermen, and many Worshipful Persons; and divers of the Masters and Wardens of the Twelve Companies, rid to the Conduit Heads for to see them after the old Custom: And afore Dinner they hunted the Hare, and killed her, and thence to Dinner at the Head of the Conduit. There was a good Number, entertained with good Cheer by the Chamberlain. And after Dinner they went to hunting the Fox. There was a great Cry for a Mile; and at length the Hounds killed him at the End of S. Giles's. Great Hallowing at his Death, and blowing of Hornes: And thence the Lord Maior, with all his Company, rode through London to his Place in Lumbard-street.