Historical references to London's sounds

A database of several hundred historical descriptions and references to London's sounds. They're drawn mainly from primary sources such as autobiographies, diaries and statutes, as well as novels written around the times they depict.

 Street preachers and meetings       1     1 1
 Charitable services             1  
 Church and other indoor sermons     6 1   1    
 Church bells, music and song     3     2   1
 Funeral services and mourning     2          
 Religious dissent and protest     1          
 Rituals of other religions     1       1  
 Parades and processions   1            

Period referred to: 1930s

Sound category: Religious > Street preachers and meetings

Title of work: Down and Out in Paris and London

Type of publication: Autobiographical/Social investigation

Author: George Orwell

Year of publication: 1933

Page/volume number: Chapter XXV

A Mormon street meeting at Tower Hill is disrupted by hecklers

Here and there were street meetings. In Whitechapel somebody called The Singing Evangel undertook to save you from hell for the charge of sixpence. In the East India Dock Road the Salvation Army were holding a service. They were singing 'Anybody here like sneaking Judas?' to the tune of 'What's to be done with a drunken sailor?' On Tower Hill two Mormons were trying to address a meeting. Round their platform struggled a mob of men, shouting and interrupting. Someone was denouncing them for polygamists. A lame, bearded man, evidently an atheist, had heard the word God and was heckling angrily. There was a confused uproar of voices.

'My dear friends, if you would only let us finish what we were saying – ! – That's right, give 'em a say. Don't get on the argue! – No, no, you answer me. Can you show me God? You show 'im me, then I'll believe in 'im. – Oh, shut up, don't keep interrupting of 'em! – Interrupt yourself! — polygamists! – Well, there's a lot to be said for polygamy. Take the — women out of industry, anyway. – My dear friends, if you would just – No, no, don't you slip out of it. 'Ave you seen God? 'Ave you touched 'im? 'Ave you shook 'ands with 'im? – Oh, don't get on the argue, for Christ's sake don't get on the argue!' etc. etc. I listened for twenty minutes, anxious to learn something about Mormonism, but the meeting never got beyond shouts. It is the general fate of street meetings.