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06 March 2019

The London Sound Survey will be preserved at the London Metropolitan Archives

AN AGREEMENT has been reached between myself and the London Metropolitan Archives to have both this site’s recordings and, eventually, the whole website itself preserved by them for the long term.

It had been my hope for quite a while for something like this to happen, but it was David Baldwin from the Archives who first broke the ice after we met by chance at a Museum of London presentation in Senate House.

I’ve since found the Archives to be friendly and helpful to deal with. A small bonus is that they’re in Clerkenwell, one of my favourite parts of London, and so there’s an added pleasure in visiting them.

Compiling the recordings and their accompanying metadata for ingest will need a bit of work but otherwise it’s a straightforward, plodding task. It’ll take more figuring out to create a duplicate copy of the website to be run on their own servers under a different URL.

02 January 2019

Street cries now being added to Pinterest

MORE OLD books and other publications are being scanned, typed up and added to the Street Cries of the World section. It’s repetitive work but I find it absorbing.

Cries of Philadelphia

Many of the drawings are also now being added to the London Sound Survey’s account on Pinterest. If you’ve come here from there, hello.

02 January 2019

Social media

Social media

10 December 2018

Recent site upgrades

RECENT CHANGES, upgrades and repairs include the following:

* A newer version of the site’s content management system has been installed. Pages should now load a little bit faster than before.

* The London Sound Survey now has an SSL Certificate to protect long-term rankings on search engines, and to allow for a store page at some point in the future.

* The ‘Old publications about street cries’ section has been given the more ambitious title of Street cries of the world and its navigation revamped to resemble an accordion menu. Both changes reflect the ever-growing amount of material that’s being presented there.

* A fault in the Old London maps section has been made good so the maps can be displayed properly again. They still need Adobe Flash to be enabled in visitors’ browers though, and a purely HTML5 map viewer will be installed in 2019.

* Three longish wildlife recordings, making up a feature about Lakenheath RSPB reserve in Suffolk, have been linked to and integrated with the rest of the site.

14 August 2018


AN ILLNESS in the family requires me to become a full-time carer for a while. Little or no new material will be added to the London Sound Survey during this time, although I’m able to make a few modest recordings around where I live. You can hear them on my Soundcloud account.

An album of my Thames recordings is due to be released later this year or early next year by the composer Iain Chambers. I’ll post more news on this when I know a definite release date.