Street life 2017

An array of daytime recordings made along street markets and other gathering-places which are pedestrianised by official design or unofficial habit. Playback of each recording is synced to a simple animation plotting the route taken.

Roman Road Market 7:49

Map image extract © OpenStreetMap contributors, reproduced under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Time, date and weather: 1.35 pm, Saturday 30th September 2017. Mostly overcast, 16°C, wind 11 mph.

Description: Starting at the junction of St Stephen's Road and Roman Road. Traffic on St Stephen's Road, growing fainter; voices of stallholders and passersby; footsteps; car horns; airplane drone; sizzle of food being cooked at a stall; squeak of clothes hangers on rails; a radio plays on a stall; noise of a small generator; recorded music from a stall; rustle of carrier bags and wrapping; traffic on Parnell Road.

Comments: The market sounds much the same in 2017 as when I first recorded there in 2010 (about three-quarters of the way down the scrolling side box), although in the earlier recording people seem like they're moving around a little more briskly – perhaps the market was less busy that day and so there was more room to move about.