Street life 2017

An array of daytime recordings made along street markets and other gathering-places which are pedestrianised by official design or unofficial habit. Playback of each recording is synced to a simple animation plotting the route taken.

Cathedral Walk, Victoria 2:53

Map image extract © OpenStreetMap contributors, reproduced under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Time, date and weather: 4.20 pm, Saturday 26th August 2017. Partly overcast, 23°C, wind 6 mph.

Description: Starting at the junction with Palace Street and walking towards Victoria Street. Rushing noise from air conditioning vents; voices and footsteps of a few passersby; fallen leaves skitter across the ground; a man jungles a bunch of keys; repeated squeaks from an escalator; a more reverberant tone as the Walk passes under a roofed central hall; clatter of cutlery and voices of diners sitting outside a cafe; traffic noise from Victoria Street grows louder.