12 Tones of London

London's demographics explored by processing 2011 Census data with a statistical sorting method called cluster analysis. Attention is then focused on the sounds of the 12 archetypal council wards emerging from the study.

Cluster 7

Highest for conversions and population density. Second highest for households without a car, professional and technical occupations, Other White populations, and roads and domestic buildings as a proportion of land area. Lowest for green space as a proportion of land area, detached houses, and Indian and Pakistani populations. Second lowest for administrative occupations.


Mean age: 34.8.

Main occupation groups – Professional: 29.5%. Technical: 22.3%. Directors/senior officials: 13.2%. Administrative: 9.2%. Elementary: 7%.

Long-term unemployed: 2.9%.

Main ethnic groups – White British: 45.7%. Other White: 17.8%. African: 8.9%. Mixed Race: 6%. Caribbean: 4%.

English as main household language: 74.1%.

Households without a car: 60.2%.


Residents per hectare: 25.

Main land use types – Roads: 22%. Domestic gardens: 19.2%. Domestic buildings: 15.6%. Green space: 13%. Non-domestic buildings: 12.4%.

Main housing types – Flats: 51.8%. Conversions: 26%. Terraced: 14.6%. Semi-detached: 3.7%. Detached: 1.2%.

Main tenure types – Social housing: 34.8%. Privately rented: 31.1%. Mortgaged: 18.2%. Owned outright: 13.1%.


Total wards: 76.

Wards with silhouette values above 0.2 in descending order: Highbury West (Islington), St Mary's (Islington), Cantelowes (Camden), Fulham Broadway (Hammersmith and Fulham), Barnsbury (Islington), Gospel Oak (Camden), St Peter's (Islington), Junction (Islington), Mildmay (Islington), Clissold (Hackney), Hammersmith (Hammersmith and Fulham), Canonbury (Islington), Oval (Lambeth), St George's (Islington), Kentish Town (Camden), North End (Hammersmith and Fulham), Clerkenwell (Islington), Caledonian (Islington), Colville (Kensington and Chelsea), Askew (Hammersmith and Fulham), Stoke Newington Central (Hackney), Addison (Hammersmith and Fulham), De Beauvoir (Hackney), Riverside (Southwark).

Medoid/lowest average distance within: Highbury West (Islington) 29.40.

Highest silhouette value: Highbury West (Islington) 0.3090.