Knightsbridge, West End

Layered map for Knightsbridge, West End with field recordings and historical maps. Use the navigator map insert below to explore other areas.


London map OpenStreetMap for Knightsbridge, West End

Land Use 1936

London map 1930s Land Utilisation Survey for Knightsbridge, West End

Booth 1898

London map Booth Poverty Map for Knightsbridge, West End

OS c. 1805

Ordnance Survey First Series map for Knightsbridge, West End
Rickshaw bells and night-time ambience in Soho Covent Garden at midnight Hubbub inside the Trocadero Centre at night Outside Charing Cross station at night Cafes along night-time Edgware Road Inside the White Hart pub, Drury Lane Voices echo and a busker plays in the long underpass at South Kensington Grid square centre recording at OS reference TQ 2835 8067 Echoing ambience inside the British Museum Walking eastwards along Oxford Street Rush hour outside Victoria station Berwick Street market begins setting up at dawn Ground floor departments in Harrods Inside Westminster Reference Library Sounds inside the men's toilets at Victoria station Noisy atmosphere inside Charing Cross Library Ambience in Westminster Music Library Cardiff fans sing and chant on a tube platform before going to Wembley Chiming of Big Ben with other church bells nearer by, calls of waterfowl Ambience inside a Chinese supermarket Inside Liberty department store Walking westwards along Gerrard Street in Chinatown Hubbub of diners' voices in Wong Kei restaurant Escalator, aircon, footsteps and voices of visitors in the National Portrait Gallery Voices of people sitting on the grass in Soho Square
LONDON MAP CREDITS: OpenStreetMap image displayed under the terms of their Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 licence. Land Utilisation Survey and Ordnance Survey First Series map images copyright British Library. Booth London Poverty map courtesy of the London School of Economics.

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