Street cries of the world

Street cries were once a popular subject of songs and literature in Britain, continental Europe and elsewhere. Each month from 2018 onwards I'll be scanning and transcribing publications to build this collection.


12 London Cries done from the Life by P. Sandby 1760.

My pretty little Gimy Tarters, for a ha’penny a Stick or a penny a Stick, or a Stick to beat your Wives or Dust your Cloths.

Any Tripe or Neats Feet or Calves Feet or Trotters ho’, Hearts, Liver, or Lights.

Will your Honour buy a Sweet Nosegay or a Memorandum Book.

All Sorts of Earthen ware. Plates three ha’pence a piece, Washhands Basons two pence a piece. A white Stone Mug or a Tea pot.

The Walking Stationer. Memorandum books a penny a piece of the Poor blind. God bless you pity the Blind.

A pudding a pudding a hot pudding. The Grand Machine from Italy Bake as I go.

Rare Mackarel Three a Groat Or Four for Sixpence.

All fire and no Smoke, a very Good Flint or a very Good Steel, do you want a Good Flint and Steel.

Rare Meltin Oysters, rare Stewing Oysters.

Do you want any Spoons any hard-mettle spoons. Have you any Old Brass or Pewter to sell or change?

Fun upon Fun, or the first and second part of Miss Kitty Fishers Merry thought. No Joke like a True Joke. Come, who’l Fish in my Fishpond?