BBC sound effects 1940–86

In 2018, the BBC made freely available for non-commercial use around 16,000 of its sound effects recordings. A few hundred come from known locations around the UK, and most of those have been presented here in a sound map. All recordings © BBC.




Bakerloo Line train 1  3:39

BBC DESCRIPTION: London Underground: Bakerloo Line Train, 1938 stock, interior, doors close, run with stop at stations, doors open-repeated twice.

Bakerloo Line train 2  3:18

BBC DESCRIPTION: London Underground: Bakerloo Line train, 1938 stock, interior, slow run, stop in tunnel, arrives at station, doors.

Bakerloo Line train 3  1:27

BBC DESCRIPTION: London Underground, Bakerloo Line train arrives, "Mind the gap", departs. Exterior acoustic.

London tram 1  0:55

BBC DESCRIPTION: London tram, approach, stop, passengers alight, depart.

London tram 2  0:34

BBC DESCRIPTION: London tram, approach with driver's bell, stop, second tram passes.

Diesel bus interior  3:10

BBC DESCRIPTION: Diesel bus, interior, on congested London route in low gear, bell rung once at beginning of track. Make of bus not known.

Routemaster bus interior  2:23

BBC DESCRIPTION: Routemaster double-decker bus, interior, constant run on lower deck, with bell rung once at 0m23s and twice at 1m47s.

Bell Punch ticket machine  0:10

BBC DESCRIPTION: Bell Punch ticket machine operated several times. London Transport.

Gibson ticket machine  0:11

BBC DESCRIPTION: Gibson ticket machine issuing several tickets. London Transport.

Auto-Slot ticket machine  0:49

BBC DESCRIPTION: Auto-Slot mk 2 ticket machine, adult fare of 6d inserted several times. London Transport Green Country bus.

Oxford Circus traffic and pedestrians  6:59

BBC DESCRIPTION: Traffic passing, pedestrians and speech. Oxford Circus, London.

Children playing in the street  6:36

BBC DESCRIPTION: Exterior, 6 children playing in a London street, distant traffic and birds.

London street atmosphere  3:12

BBC DESCRIPTION: London street atmosphere with children playing, car doors and traffic.

Early morning atmosphere  2:47

BBC DESCRIPTION: London, early morning atmosphere with seagulls and distant street cleaning.

Soho atmosphere  4:06

BBC DESCRIPTION: Soho atmosphere, mainly pedestrian street with international voices.

Leicester Square atmosphere  3:58

BBC DESCRIPTION: Leicester Square, evening atmosphere with roosting starlings and some voices.

Suburban atmosphere  7:14

BBC DESCRIPTION: Birds and backgrounds: atmosphere, suburb north of London.

Hampstead Heath winter birdsong  6:34

BBC DESCRIPTION: Hampstead Heath winter afternoon with coal tit, long tailed tit, blue tit, nuthatch, robin, goldcrest, crow, distant dogs.

London Zoo sealions  6:13

BBC DESCRIPTION: Crowd: London Zoo, sealions at feeding time, barks, splashes, children.

London Zoo bird house  4:26

BBC DESCRIPTION: London Zoo, interior of bird house with children.