BBC sound effects 1940–86

In 2018, the BBC made freely available for non-commercial use around 16,000 of its sound effects recordings. A few hundred come from known locations around the UK, and most of those have been presented here in a sound map. All recordings © BBC.




Berwick Street Market 1  4:28

BBC DESCRIPTION: Crowds: exterior, Berwick Street Market, London, footsteps and chatter.

Berwick Street Market 2  4:09

BBC DESCRIPTION: Berwick Street Market, London, with footsteps, chatter, coins and tills, 1972.

Market flower hall  3:14

BBC DESCRIPTION: Flower hall (markets: London).

Brent Cross Shopping Centre  4:07

BBC DESCRIPTION: Shopping Centre atmosphere with footsteps, voices and distant unidentifiable music. Recorded at Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London.

Bentalls department store  6:01

BBC DESCRIPTION: Bentalls, general atmosphere with voices and tills.

John Lewis department store  5:24

BBC DESCRIPTION: Atmosphere recorded in a London department store, John Lewis, 1973.

Pool of London atmosphere 1  6:18

BBC DESCRIPTION: Pool of London, general atmosphere with occasional sirens and passing ships.

Pool of London atmosphere 2  4:21

BBC DESCRIPTION: Pool of London, atmosphere as vessel berths with sirens and some speech.

Pool of London ship unloading  3:34

BBC DESCRIPTION: Pool of London, cargo boat being unloaded, cargo of sugar.

Pool of London ships' sirens  0:29

BBC DESCRIPTION: Two ships' sirens sounding long blasts. Recorded at Pool of London.

Air raid at night 1  4:14

BBC DESCRIPTION: Night raid on London, stick of bombs, anti-aircraft fire-close, wardens' voices.

Air raid at night 2  3:12

BBC DESCRIPTION: Air raids on London at night. Night alert, faint droning of planes, siren.

Thames firework display  5:18

BBC DESCRIPTION: Firework display at Thames, South Bank with crowd, 1973.

Erith station atmosphere  3:10

BBC DESCRIPTION: Erith Railway Station, booking hall atmosphere with arrivals and steady flow of trains.

Bexleyheath station atmosphere  3:18

BBC DESCRIPTION: Bexleyheath Railway Station, booking hall atmosphere at 0920 hours, predominately women.

Paddington station atmosphere  6:35

BBC DESCRIPTION: Paddington Railway Station, general atmosphere.

London Bridge station atmosphere  2:59

BBC DESCRIPTION: London Bridge Railway Station, public address announcements and atmosphere.

Mornington Crescent station lift  0:25

BBC DESCRIPTION: London Underground, Mornington Crescent Station, lift gates close, lift travels and gates opened. Northern Line.

Seven Sisters station ticket hall  2:57

BBC DESCRIPTION: London Underground, Seven Sisters Station, commuters buying tickets and change given using pre-decimal coinage, with some speech. Victoria Line.

Oxford Circus station atmosphere  1:38

BBC DESCRIPTION: London Underground: Oxford Circus Station, Bakerloo Line, ascent from platform, 1975.