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Sound action recordings are of sounds designed to affect people, including situations where many make sounds together towards a common goal. Often they're of voices, but they also include sirens, bells, fireworks and more.

Audible Forces 2013 Sounds from three different wind-powered sound art installations at the Audible Forces event in Greenwich Park. 3:40 2013
Finches installation Barbican Finches chatter and set off amplified instruments at Céleste Boursier-Mougenot's Barbican show. 1:45 2010
Organ of Corti sound sculpture A resonant droning sound is heard from within the Organ of Corti sound sculpture outside St Pauls Cathedral. 0:50 2011
Particle Waves Arebyte Gallery Kian Peng Ong's sound installation 'Particle Waves' at Arebyte Gallery, Hackney, east London. 2:30 2014
Rubbing the Unity Stone Wet hands rub the smooth top of the Unity Stone sound sculpture, producing a hollow drone. 1:05 2011
Ships opera Thames Festival Tugs, lightships and other vessels play a musical composition with their horns and whistles. 8:25 2013
Tim Hunkin Novelty Automation The sounds of four arcade-style contraptions in Tim Hunkin's Novelty Automation show. 6:24 2015
Westfield Stratford sound sculpture A sculpture in the Westfield Stratford shopping centre tries to evoke a sense of nature with a soundscape recording. 1:25 2014
Diamond Jubilee gun salute The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery fire guns on Horseguards Parade to mark the Diamond Jubilee. 2:58 2012
Diamond Jubilee Thames bells A crowd cheers as the Diamond Jubilee flotilla passes by and bells are heard ringing from the leading barge. 2:00 2012

Audible Forces 2013 3:40

Classification: Social > Sound art, sculpture and performance

Recording date: 24 June 2013

Description: Made from three recordings of wind-powered sound installations at the Audible Forces display, Greenwich Park. They are: (1) of Arpeggi by Mike Blow, consisting of two large kinetic sculptures, each playing a series of notes and creating interfering sound patterns as they revolve in the wind. (2) Kathy Hinde's Sonic Reed Beds, in which the movement of reeds in the wind is re-created using clusters of upright steel rods topped with pieces of metal and stone. (3) Phantom Field by Mark Anderson, an array of 21 miniature synthesisers powered by and responding to the direction and force of the wind.

Technical guff: Headworn stereo. 2 x Shure WL-183 mics and Sony PCM-M10 recorder.

Recorded by: IM Rawes

Additional notes: Many thanks to Helen Frosi.