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12 July 2012

The London Chronicles on BBC iPlayer

SOME FIELD RECORDINGS from this site appear on Francesca Panetta’s excellent The London Chronicles, which you can now hear on BBC iPlayer.

If you’ve enjoyed modern-day televised lyric documentaries like Eva Weber’s The Solitary Life of Cranes, then you should listen to The London Chronicles. BBC iPlayer has four episodes available: Money and Inequality, Fear, Love and Memory.

Panetta’s gentle and understated commentary leads us through layers of actuality sound, music and the voices of ordinary Londoners, which are sometimes startling in how much they reveal about themselves. I’m always slightly in awe of anyone who’s competent at multi-track editing, and Nick Ryan’s sound design work in The London Chronicles is seamless.

The episodes present a nuanced and, at times, ambivalent take on London life, and that seems about right.

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