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26 August 2010

Share and share alike

IF YOU’VE READ the earlier post about William Cheshire’s Sounds Like Leigh-on-Sea sound blog, you’ll maybe have spotted an overlap in the area he’s covering and part of the London Sound Survey’s new Estuary section.

He’s very kindly agreed to allow a couple of his recordings to appear here in exchange for my two Canvey Island recordings being added to Sounds Like Leigh-on-Sea. It wasn’t easy choosing from William’s website, as there are many intriguing sounds collected and presented there. But this one of a game of bowls in Southend seemed like a good choice:

The second recording was made in the woods in Belfairs Park, and nicely captures the delicate sound of a brook:

I’ve often noticed how wildlife recordists in particular tend to have an approachable and co-operative outlook among themselves and towards newcomers. Theirs is a good example to follow, so if anyone else would like to exchange recordings with the London Sound Survey, drop me a line.

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