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20 December 2010

Soundtransit to move onto Soundcloud

SOUNDTRANSIT IS ONE of the best online collections of field recordings around. Over the years it’s amassed around 1,800 sound files sent in by recordists from all over the world, organised through an elegant and original interface.

Sadly, this superb resource faces a sharp and unwelcome increase in hosting costs. The following message now appears on Soundtransit from its founder Derek Holzer:

After 5 years, the end of an era has come. On the last day of 2010, the site will officially close. The Waag Society in Amsterdam, who physically hosts our server, has more than quadrupled the rent in the past year. Relocating to a cheap commercial host is simply not possible based on the unique technical needs of the site, so we are forced to shut the project down. The archived field recordings will hopefully be relocated through the kind support of

I would personally like to thank each and every one of your for your support, interest and enthusiasm over the last years. I wish you all the best of luck with your future projects.

Derek Holzer

It’s a great shame that Soundtransit can’t be transferred to a new host in its existing form, but the SoundCloud music platform is a logical choice, and it’ll certainly raise the profile of field recording there.

SoundCloud is worth keeping an eye on. Apart from the recent tweaks to the interface, it’s also launching its own iPhone app for recording and uploading, similar to that used by ipadio and audioBoo.

iPhones and Android smartphones can bind geodata to a recording. Will a built-in mapping service for Soundcloud recordings be far behind?

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