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13 January 2016

New year, new-look features

LAST YEAR I came across a great-looking website called Sounds of Mumbai. It’s the work of web designer Tapan Babar and it does seem to be a portfolio entry, showing off his skills, rather than an ongoing project. I was struck by how well the large photos worked with the recordings. Some of the moving elements are another matter. I think they’re not needed and there is experimental evidence to suggest that attending to fast-moving images can distract from hearing. Attention is a finite resource for which looking and listening may compete.

The example of Sounds of Mumbai encouraged me to think that some recordings at least might go well with full-screen photos. It took a while to sort out the page template and get it working properly, and thanks are due to one of the website whizzes at Artangel. She had a look at the basic template and made a couple of helpful suggestions. These new efforts are called Features and you can start looking at them, listening to them and reading them via their own index page.

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