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25 June 2010

Roland binaural mics for £20!

WROTE A FEW weeks ago about Roland’s new binaural mics, but I know at least two people who’ve since got in there quick and ordered their own pairs from Planet Gizmo.

The normal list price is around £80, but somehow Planet Gizmo are selling them for just £20. One friend has already received his, and they’re the genuine article, not something that’s fallen out of a Christmas cracker. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for mine to arrive direct from Roland. There’s a reason for middlemen connecting the consumer and the manufacturer – they’re often better at it than the manufacturer.

More news on the cheap gear front courtesy of the gadget blog Wirefresh: Zoom are releasing a new digital recorder, designated the H1, with a list price of only £89.

Roland’s new R-05 digital recorder is also now available from some UK retailers, priced around £180.

It looks like a slimmed-down version of the reliable R09-HR, although it’s not clear what functions have been reduced or omitted to achieve the lower price. Hopefully some retailers will get round to tempting buyers with bundles including both Roland’s new recorder and binaural mics.

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