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31 December 2010

Happy New Year everyone!

HERE’S TO EVERYONE in 2010 who shared a recording, left a comment, spread the word, sent an email, gave help and encouragement, or just stopped by to listen to a recording or two.

I’d particularly like to thank Nick Hamilton of Lost Steps, the film critic Ed Lawrenson, Helen Frosi of the SoundFjord Gallery, Wang Fai of the BBC World Service, Felicity Ford of the Domestic Soundscape blog, my colleagues at the British Library Sound Archive (that’s the day job), and Des Coulam of the Paris-based soundlandscapes blog – he’s produced the charming end-of-year post and recording above this one.

There’s a few things in the pipeline for 2011, including a new London sound map, an alternative site for smartphone users, plus an ambitious project which will hopefully turn the wildlife section into something a bit more exciting.

And maybe a new microphone or a Jecklin disc or a boom pole or . . . oh behave! Have a very happy New Year.

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