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10 September 2010

Four recordings from Felicity Ford

FELICITY FORD, WHO’S responsible for the imaginative Domestic Soundscape blog among other projects, has kindly sent four recordings winging their way to the London Sound Survey DropBox.

Each of them homes in on a specific sound or set of sounds. The first two were made at the Mudchute City Farm on the Isle of Dogs:

I like pig noises, and Felicity’s vivid recording makes it easy to visualise the bristly, foul-breathed brute rooting around the sty, pig-ignorant of everything but the smells hoovered up by its snout. A rooster crows on the next recording, and it’s the sort of sound that’d go well with a click-on-this wakey wakey Flash button:

Wool-related matters come up regularly on The Domestic Soundscape, and the next two recordings were made in a yarn shop on Globe Road, Bethnal Green. First, the shop’s spinning wheel in action:

Next, a ballwinder. What’s a ballwinder? It’s a device for winding loosely-wound skeins into the tightly-wrapped balls of wool that you see sold in shops.

From only the creaks, squeaks and rattles in both recordings, you can get a sense of how the ballwinder and spinning wheel work. They have an appealing auditory presence, just like manual typewriters, hand whisks and other devices relying foremost on human muscle-power.

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