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15 November 2011

Forthcoming talk at the Sonic Art Research Unit in Oxford

THIS COMING FRIDAY the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University are holding a seminar titled Writing Sound and I’m up as one of the speakers.

The seminar’s aims are to:

[. . .] examine the relationship between sound and writing, exploring written soundscapes and the way in which written sound informs the experience of the reader.

Fortunately, compiling the London Sound Survey’s little database of historical sound references means I have some knowledge to fall back on.

I’ll be focusing on Charles Dickens as he provides lively and detailed descriptions of London sounds. He’s also one of the few writers to have developed an approach to sound informed by contemporary theories of how sound might work.

There are also a few blog posts in the pipeline examining other London writers, including the 20th-century Caribbean author Sam Selvon, the Grub Street hack Ned Ward, and the Regency-era skaghead Thomas de Quincey.

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