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10 November 2011

Echoes under the Thames

ANOTHER RECORDING HAS been gratefully received via the London Sound Survey drop box. It was made by sound designer Matthew ‘Wills’ Williams inside the Greenwich foot tunnel:

Layer upon layer of echoes builds up and it’s nice to hear people enjoying the acoustics along the tunnel’s 1,200 length as it passes beneath the Thames. Many thanks indeed for this, Matthew.

Here’s a Wikipedia picture of the tunnel by C.G.P. Grey:

Greenwich foot tunnel photo by C.G.P. Grey

Many years ago a friend recounted how he’d slept in the tunnel after a heavy drinking session. He woke up to find himself in a shallow puddle of river-water which had seeped in overnight, or so he claimed.

Another pedestrian tunnel which provides good echoes is the one running from South Kensington tube station under the Brompton Road. You can hear a recording from there on this sound map page – scroll down to the first recording.

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